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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Rain in East Texas, Tsunami relief aid benefit concert and Haircut

It has been raining a lot the lst few days. Rain is good, but students don't come to class when it rains. I wonder why? It is only water, right? It is not acid or something else that would hurt you. In some counties, they would love to have a 'free shower' instead of only using water to drink. Water is life. Every planet that has water, can have life on it. I am glad Earth has water.

I played at the Tsunami relief aid benefit concert last Saturday. Man I rocked hard, but Social Bliss torn down the house! They played the best that I have ever heard them! I can't wait to see them in bigger and bigger venues.

I also got a haircut before I go to TMEA. I get to speak to 180 music educators. It should be fun. I'll post so photos of me at the Alamo.

Before and After my Haircut(I can't decide which photo looks better, so post and let me know.)
after after

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Herb, it's hard to notice the difference in hair because the after pic you're posed in front of a dark bkg. =(
Also, it's like those crazy makeup/concealer commercials on TV. You weren't smiling in the first one, so that throws off the perceptionpeople may have at first.
--Stupid Dufus



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