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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Social Bliss and Alex Hunter's Asylum

Well this weekend I heard a lot of great music. On Friday I got to see Alex Hunter's Asylum live in concert. Man Alex can play guitar. It is amazing to see him play. It will be great to see him in twenty years. I had a great time jamming to some great metal classics and some orginals. Buddy, lead singer and bass player, did a great singing and playing. That is one thing I can't do, sing and play bass at the same time.

On Saturday I got to see Social Bliss live. It is great to hear the complete band. I usually hear the boys as a duo or a trio with their dad or as a quartet with the drummer at Rita's at open mike night on Thursdays. When the whole gang is playing together, watch out! They rock!

I walked in while they were playing and Max yells out "it's Herb everybody". Man that rock! Max and Nick wanted me to play "Twist and Shout". Man I love playing with Social Bliss! It is great to have a chance sing and playing with a complete band.

It was a great weekend.

Herb and Social Bliss playing "Twist and Shout", Thanks guys for letting me sit in!

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