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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Hall and Oates / New Song

This time tommorow, I will be seeing Hall and Oates in concert. I have wanted to see them for twenty years, tommorow my dream will come true. If I can get a photo with them, it will be here ASAP!!!!

Here is another song I wrote today, it is cool:
I Love You So Much

Here I am playing a Grand Piano.
I am cool!!!!!


Orion/Joey said...

Nice song man......and it's over 2 and a half minutes to boot!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "she" reads your blog.???? Good song Herb.

Anonymous said...

Great song! Yet again, it is refreshing to be able to hear an artist put everything they have into their music. You are doing phenominal! I am sure the concert was great, hope to see some pictures....

Justin Romack

Anonymous said...

I doubt it.



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