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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Hall and Oates Concert

Hall and Oates rock!! I had a great time!!

It took me about two and half hours to get there, and I didn't get lost this time.

I walked from the mall to the venue and The Average White Band was playing. I thought the concert started at 7:30, but it was 6:30.
I got to see most of their performance. They played about an hour and ended with their big hit.

Then Michael McDonald came on next and jammed hard! He rocked the house, I think there was a lot of folks that came only to hear him. He played all of his big hits and some soul covers. Then it was time for my boys to come out.

I was able to walk around to see them set up. A lot folks weren’t at their seats when they came out, so I was as close as I could be without being in the VIP area.

They opened with “Out of Touch”, and I am sure that they saw me. After the song, one of the workers asked to see my ticket and I told her I have ticket over there, so I moved. I’m not mad, I got to see one song as close as people see me play at open mike. So I walked back to my seat.

I stayed there for another two songs, then I walked around to see if I could find a better seat. I did, and this time no one bothered me. I was able to stay there for the rest of night.

They played a lot of their big hits and as a encore had the opening bands come out and play a few more Hall and Oates songs other soul covers. Then it was over. It rocked, it took me twenty years but I was finally able to see them live and sing along with them.

I wished they would have played “Private Eyes”, but other then that I heard most of my favorites.

After the concert, I was shocked to see how fast the nine thousand folks left. I hung around to see if anyone would come out, one lady was arguing see should’ve gotten a backstage page. I saw only four people with them, all hot girls, but I am sure that Hall and Oates where on their way to Dallas when security said that they all have left. So I left too, the good thing, everyone had drove off by the time I walked back to the mall. So it was smooth sailing back to East Texas.

Twenty years ago I always thought it would be great to play in the Hall and Oates band, after seeing them, I know that I could rock just was hard as they did. If I could have talked to them, I would have told them they inspired me to play guitar and write songs. I wished that I could have giving them my Nerd CD, that would’ve rocked!

Here I am in front of Hall and Oates

Here I am with another shot

Once again, me and Hall and Oates


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I love the feeling of finally getting to see a favorite band.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me with the previous comment. Forgot to sign...

Herbert said...

Hall and Oates Rock!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better then Hall & Oates. Did they play, "m-e-t-h-o-d l-o-v-e".....ha.



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