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Sunday, October 03, 2004

GameFest 2004

Well I had a great time at Gamefest 2004. I had more people challenge me at Dr. Mario than ever before. I destroyed a lot of folks, but here are a few pictures of folks that won some games against me. All of their hours of practiced paid off.

I love the Lan party of UT and the Halo tournament. About forty plus people showed up,
A good time had by all.

Max and Daniel they practiced for the last few weeks to face me in battle.
I can see a many future battles with these two.

Here is Todd, he has been practicing for about a year now due to all the smack I talk.

Here is Chris, he didn’t face me in battle today because he didn’t feel well. Next time I will destroy him like a Klingon. To be fair to Chris, he has beat me a few times. He can tell his grand kids or write a story about that one day. Now he has proof to show his grand kids.

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