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Sunday, July 11, 2004

I met OJ Simpson and Survived the encounter.

Me and my friend Chewy, not the Star Wars character, went to the boats today. Chewy won about some money and we got two comp buffets, that is the reason I went. I love to eat free food.

He went back and won some more, I was walking around and I saw OJ Simpson around some slot machines. He had two bodyguards and a hot chick with him.

He stopped walking for a minute so I went over and asked him if he was up or down. He said that he wasn't gambling and put his hand out. So I shook the hand that didn't fit into the glove.

I told him that I got a free buffet and he walked away. I bet that no one ever told him that before.

I can still remember the case about ten years ago. I never thought that I would meet him, really I never even thought about it. I can remember when the verdict came down, I had a portable radio and I had about ten people gather around me to listen to the verdict. Ten years later, I would meet him. Or ten years later OJ would meet me.

So I survived an encounter with OJ Simpson, and lived to tell the tale. Was I afraid to meet him, NO! I am Starfleet, we fear nothing. To boldly go where no man has gone before.


Oda Daddy said...

Herbert, you rock! Did you get his pick. If not make one and post it.

Herbert said...

No, I didn't have my cam on me since I was in a casio.
But I wished that I did, it would have been a interesting pic for sure.



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