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Friday, July 23, 2004

Class, Piano, Plays, Songs and Working out

This is one of the bestgroups of students that I have had in a long time. They are so Gun-Ho, theyare willing to jump in and trust what I stay to do. This may be my bestclass ever. They are going to be teacher, and from what I have seen so far,they will be great ones.

I am practicing piano because I’m tackinglessons this summer. Practicing again reminds me of the old days. At onetime I used to practice about four hours a day. I don’t have that much timenow, I am glad that I did it back then. My fingers are starting to act theway they use to.

Practicing piano again reminds me of my old pianofriends. I still talk to Jim and Jess, but the rest of them I never hearfrom anymore. That is cool. I had ranks for my close friends, I was Captain,of course. Jim was my number one and Jess was my second in command. I guessit is no wonder that I am still in contact with them. The rest of my oldpiano friends were girls, I am sure that they all married by now. I alsobet that some of them don’t even play piano anymore. It can understand,it is hard to practice for the rest of your life. You have to want to dedicateyour life to do this. Jess and Jim have, as I have for guitar and composition. I do miss seeing and talking to my old piano friends, it was so much funto listen to one another play and to talk between practicing. I miss theold days, but you can never go back, but I can remember.

Youth, it is wasted on the young, as the years go by, I realized this is so true.

Ialso wrote another song this week. I plan to write one song every monthand have another CD for release next Summer. I am still hoping that I willsell a ton of my ‘Whatever’ CD in the next few months so that I can buy anew laptop. Or if I could sell a few songs, I am sure I could buy a coupleof laptops then.

I wrote another play this week. It is another oneact play. As with the songs, I plan to write one play a month. I hope toget a writer’s group together when school starts up so that we can read ourplays out loud. I hope to have my plays done by a troupe someday, or tosell them.

This week I have been working out hard. Once I get going,it is easy to work out. If I can get my gear on, I’ll work out. As I getolder, it is harder and harder to stay in tiptop physical condition. SinceI am Starfleet, I have to me in my prime in case the Borg attack.

Asalways, Starfleet forever. I got my new uniform the other day, look on mywebsite in the next few days to see some more pictures of me.

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Anonymous said...

Dude. I heard your Whatever CD for the first time today. Kickin it in Nac? Yeah,ok. The ONLY thing I liked about it was "Blues in A" because thats the chord progression you taught in your guitar class. I was fortunate enough to be able to mix out your "salt and pepper" (a term you used to describe your attempt at a solo) and play along with your rhythm. My advice to you, would be to pick your top 12 out of that pile, tweak them, and re-release a CD called "Why Me God?" Instead of cramming what you can onto a disc, you should attempt at making your favorites really good. Thats all for now. See you at Rita's



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