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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Arthur, Church, Piano, Hall and Oates and the End of Summer I

Well today is the end of Summer I. I video taped the whole class so that I can stream it one day. The summer is the best time to do this and I had a great class this summer also. I am glad that they are able to talk and answer my questions better then when they started only five weeks ago. I always miss a class when they are gone, I’ll remember a few names, but I will always remember their faces. I wish them all well in life, as I always do.

Five weeks ago, I still wasn’t on TechTV. I am still waiting for someone to call and buy my songs!! But if no one does, that is fine, I had a great time so I can’t complain. And I have made the greatest rock CD of all time, well that I have ever made.

My best friend in the world in back in Nac for a few days. He hurt his shoulder while on the road, so he came back home for a few days to recover. He is looking better, he played drums at church today, he claims it was easy stuff, but it sounded good to me.

Arthur invited me to go to the Tuesday service, so I went. Arthur’s mother knows that I play piano, so I was given a piano to play. I had to play a lot by ear, which was fun to do. The service was great, it was great to see a sermon at his family church. It shows his foundation in music. His first drum set is still there, it was great to hear him play it.

Arthur and I have been hanging out at our old stomping grounds around Nac. It is great to have time to hang and talk about the old days and the future. We have seen some old friends that we haven’t hung out with for years. I miss the old days, but we all have to grow up.

I decided to take piano this summer for one of my free classes. I haven’t practiced for a long time, I play piano a few times every week, but practice is practice. I practiced my scales, and they are still there. I am going to work up a rag, invention and a sonatina for my first lesson. I have about a week, if I practice a few hours a day, I can shake the cobwebs out of my fingers by then. I haven’t had a piano lesson in six years, it will be fun to see if I still have it. I think that I do.

Finally, Hall and Oates are coming to Texas. I bought a ticket for the Woodlands show in October. It was fifty bucks, but after Ticketmaster it was sixty-two bucks. Man what a racket! Well, I can’t wait to see my boys. It is going to rock. I have wanted to see Hall and Oates for twenty years!! It is about time that I will, sixty bucks isn’t too much to have a dream come true. If I could get a picture with them, it will be on my web site so fast, maybe I can figure a way to meet them for a second after the show. I’ll try, hey don’t they know that I am the “Nerd guy” from TechTV?

I order a new Starfleet uniform, it should be here in a few days. I guess that I can wear it for Halloween, and when I am on my

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