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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Plays, New Neighbors and Guitar camp

I wrote another play. This one has some time travel in it. I remember an episode of Star Trek where Mark Twain was in it. Capt. Picard told him he wished that he had a chance to know him better. Twain told him, read my books, all that I am are in there. This is so true. If you read my plays and listen to my songs and my music, they all reflect the person that I am. To know me is to know my creative work. In them you see a moral man, a person that is full of honor and discipline. Much like a young Starfleet cadet all those years ago, or in the future depending on when and where you read this. The young cadet that becomes a Fleet Captain in Starfleet one day. Starfleet forever.

I got some new neighbors last week. They are some young kids, I wish them well. I had to tell them to not let their friends park in my spot and they were cool. I told them that if I never hear, see or smell them, I am a happy camper. My last two neighbors I never heard, which is great. I hope that these new ones will be quite too.

I start Guitar camp later today. I did some arrangements of folk tunes for a quartet of guitars. I wrote one chance composition, I can’t wait to hear it. I hope that they enjoy the music I arranged for them.

I still haven’t heard anything from anybody about my Nerd song. I guess that I will have to give it some more time. I know that fame isn’t that far away for me. If you hear my music and met me, you know that I am already a super star. Or something.

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