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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Video Kid and G4TechTV, Band Camp and Life

Well, it has been almost a week since I was on national TV. I killed myself to get some torrents of my big files, and I got maybe three thousand more hits then normal. That is it, three thousand. I was expecting 100,000 hits, so I am a bit disappointed. One big reason is that G4TechTV didn’t link my site on theirs. The last new one has links, but mine didn’t. Maybe that is for the best. My friends got to see me on TV and we all had a big laugh.

Newtype invited everyone over to watch me on his big screen, and I went over as soon as it was over. It is hard to watch yourself, I am thinking that I should have said something better, but it is hard to do this on the spot. And I had the audience laughing, and that is the point on a comedy show. They all told me that they enjoyed my interview, which makes me feel good.

I had hoped that I would have gotten emails and calls from around the world, but I didn’t. I got two emails from folks I didn’t know. I get more spam than that. Why isn’t all of the late night show calling? Because they don’t know what G4TechTV is, or that my Nerd song is more sad than funny. Oh well, I am a star in my own mind.

But I am still happy to have been on ‘Unscrewed’. If that is my fifteen minutes, I can live with that. No one else I know has been the star on a TV show that large. My friend Arthur has been on all of the big late night shows, but he would be the first to tell you that he isn’t the star, that is Harry Connick Jr.

I also killed myself to write and record a lot of songs to make a CD of my music so that I could sell them. I sold one CD. One CD, that is almost how many I sold when I didn’t have a CD to sell.

There are some songs that I love, and I hope one day others get a chance to hear them. I love the Nerd song, but some of my other songs are so real. I don’t know anyone that has sung his heart out more than I did on this CD. I didn’t hold anything back. It is not the best recording, but it real, like me at an open mike night. I get so tired of hearing sanitized CD recordings. My songs sound them same whether I play them live or on CD, it is Herbert on the guitar. One day my songs will get some serious press.

I have giving out a lot of CDs to folks I know and to folks I don’t know. Most people are so happy to get my CD, wait until they play it. Ha ha. But the folks that forget that I can’t sing and listen to the music and the words, dig it. All of the songs are from my heart and soul. This CD is so me, to know me is to know my music. And I am so happy that I have a CD to give out.

Well, I was on TV during band camp. So a few of the campers saw me on TV, which is cool. They all love to learn the midi and music technology information I teach them in the computer class. I wished that I had some one show me this stuff when I was in High School. Oh, they didn’t have any of this stuff back then, OK.

Some of the campers give me hope that when I die the world won’t blow up. I am proud of the ones that work hard, I can always tell. The others, well I know a lot of folks that are just like them.

All of the campers seemed enjoy my class and band camp. It rained a lot, but all of them didn’t seemed to care.

I also like band camp, because I don’t have to cook because I get a meal ticket. This year isn’t any better or worst then last year’s food. There is something I can find to eat most days. I had a chance to dine with some former students, which is cool to see how there are doing after they are out of my class. I wished that I could meet and talk to more former students like this, I learn a lot from them. All of them have lives that I may not have a chance to learn during teaching.

Well, if you what to hear my song click here.

Email me if you want.

Also, BTW, I am still a Starfleet Captain, and no one can take that a way from me.

Starfleet forever!!!!

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