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Monday, May 17, 2004

Finals are over, Unscrewed and Travel

The finals are over, I can’t believe how fast this semester when by. I wish all my former students well as well as all of the ones that graduated yesterday. Most of my students passed, which makes me feel good, the ones that never came, I wished would have dropped.

Well, it is a few days until I fly to San Francisco. It has been almost five years since I was last there when I flew to Hawaii. The flight from Houston isn’t too bad, it is about four hours. I will maybe play my gameboy or look out of the window. I haven’t flew in about five years, I have get there two hours before the flight. I wish I could play my guitar, but I am sure they won’t let me take it on board the plane. If it was a tuba, I could understand, but it is a classical guitar.

I am looking forward to met all of the folks at TechTv, I hope that I will see and get pictures with some of the on air hosts. I plan to give a lot of them a CD of my music if they want one. I have been working my CD for five months now, ‘I’m a Nerd’ is just one of the songs. I have giving the CD to a few friends, and they have liked it. It is not a studio album, but it is as good as it needs to be since it is only my voice with a guitar. I don’t need a phat bass for this CD. I feel my strong point is my song writing, they all tell a story. If I don’t have the best voice, that doesn’t matter. The other cool thing is that I have over an hour of music that I can perform. So if I get a chance, I can do a concert of my own music with a few covers.

I hope to have a chance to play at an open mike night in San Francisco or in Las Vegas. I have for the last six months played at an open mike once a week. A first, it was all covers, but now I do half and half. ‘Twist and Shout’ and ‘Take on Me’ are my big hits at open mike. Also the Sex Pistol’s ‘Anarchy in the UK’ is a crowd favorite. I guess I sound like Johnny Rotten. It actually sounds good on a classical guitar. I hope Sid isn’t rolling in his grave.

I will be out of Texas for one week. Three days in San Francisco then three days in Las Vegas and then back to Cali then the next day back to Texas. I am looking forward to this trip, but it will be good to get back home. I can’t wait to see the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, this is the only reason I am going to Las Vegas. I have also heard the buffets are great, and maybe I’ll rent a car to drive to Area 51.

Well, I hope to post every day that I can, so that my many fans (I think there is one of you) can follow my trip.

I will try to post when I get to San Francisco if I can find a Wifi connection that is free.

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