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Thursday, May 20, 2004

5-19-04 Trip


Well today I got up earlier than I have in a long time. Before seven. My friend Arthur called up to tell me the best place for long term parking at the airport in Houston.
I drove under two hours and got to Houston before 10 am. I checked in without any problems other then having to take my shoes and belt off for the metal detector. I kicked it for a while, over an hour and half before I got on to the plane. I find out that I am the only fool that shows up the two hours before the flight. Oh well.

I had a crummy seat, one in the middle but an old couple traded me so they could seat together, then that guy wanted to seat with his friend and I got an isle seat one row behind first class. The flight when well, four hours is not too long of a flight. I landed in San Francisco and got the VIP treatment, I had a guy with a sign with my name on it. He helped me carry my stuff and I rode in the back. I came to the hotel. The hotel was ok, but it’s not worth 110 bucks a night. No AC, no plugs that don’t have anything pluged in them and NO INTERNET! I can’t believe that for a C-note a night there is no internet. In Motel 6, I have gotten free internet.

So, I decided that I would find the TechTv studio. It was a long walk to the buses, but I found the right bus to get there. They were taping the Screen Savers and I talked my way into watching a few minutes of it. I wished that I could have stayed for the whole show. Oh well. The studio looks smaller than it does on TV. About 14 folks were there to watch it. This is the studio that Unscrewed is taped. So I got a good idea of what it will sound like for the taping.

Then I can back to my hotel. I found some cheap burgers and walked and walked back to the hotel. I got lost but asked some folks and I found it. I took a nap and when out again to get a few more burgers. Then I practiced the guitar and watch the X-files.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.

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