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Thursday, May 27, 2004



Well it was my last day in Vegas. I got up and packed all of my stuff. I carried too much, but there really isn’t too much I didn’t used.

Check out time was at 11am but I talked them into having me check out at noon. Our flight is at 9:55 PM, so I had to check in my luggage at the hotel. I when to play black jack at some dollar tables and after about an hour, I won 50 cents. It was fun to practice my sorry skills at gambling.

Then we took a taxi to the Palms. Dave is a Kings fan and wanted to see the owners of that team hotel. When I was in the bathroom, Dave saw the Malouf brothers walk in and out of the bathroom. I wouldn’t know them, but I guess I used the bathroom with some billionaires.

We walked to the Rio and saw a free show. Then we took a shuttle to Harrah’s and walked back to the Rivera at get some food. It was about twenty minutes before the shuttle came back, we got our bags and the shuttle came back. This shuttle dude was cool and we tipped him.

And here I am at the airport. A girl sat down with a “I love Nerds Shirt”, I told her about me being on TechTV to do my Nerd song. Maybe this is a sign that my Nerd song will go large. And I am about to get on the plane.

Well, the trip went well. No one sat by us this time, so we talked about the old times. The plane landed and we were off to Vacaville. It took a while to get a bus to take us to Dave’s truck and we only had a vague idea where the truck was parked. But it didn’t take too long to find it. We also missed a turn off to Vacaville, so it took us a few more minutes to get to Dave’s house.

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