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Thursday, May 27, 2004


I got up and got my free lunch with Dave. Then Dave and I walked to the Hilton so that I could see the Star Trek Experience. I decided that I would pay for Dave since he isn’t a Star trek fan that much. I mean, he isn’t Starfleet like me.

I was blown away with the museum. I loved to see the props from the different shows and movies. The time line was cool too.

I wanted to see the Klingon Experience first. It was great! It was like being in an episode. They did a great job and the plot made sense too.

The DS9 shop area was great. A Klingon and a Ferengi walked around. I looked at few items and I wanted to buy a few uniforms. But none of them looked any good. I seen ones on Ebay that look like the real thing, so I’ll buy one there.

Then I spent a lot of time in the museum. Then it was time for the Borg 4D Experience.
It was good. I like the Klingon one better, but it was cool getting assimilated by the Borg.

Then I bought a few things and got some pictures will the actors. I had a chance to use my Klingon and I was addressed as Starfleet and Captain due to my pips.

We walked back to the Westward Ho and then went to the Rivera for the buffet there. It was better then the one at Circus Circus. Then I went back to the Westward Ho to sleep.

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