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Friday, May 21, 2004

5-20-04 Trip


I woke up after a good night’s sleep even though I didn’t have AC. It was a cool night, so I was comfortable all night. I am still on Texas time which is great because when it is noon my time it is ten in Cali time.

I had the idea to call TechTV to see if I could get in the audience for the ‘Screen Savers’. I was happy when she put me on the list. Since I wasn’t on the list for Wednesday, I couldn’t stay for the whole show, which I found out it was Leo’s last day and he came out the last few minutes to say goodbye to every one. Man I wished that I could’ve been there, I missed Leo by 30 minutes.

I practiced guitar and wrote my daily chorale. Then it was time to go see the ‘Screen Savers’. I walked to the bus stop, which is about mile away. I got on the Number 9 bus and got to the TechTV studio. I saw Dan or ‘Foo’ walk in the studio. I told him that I was fan of the show. I got there early and they wouldn’t let me stay until it was time for the taping so I walked to the Starbucks and sat there since I don’t drink coffee. I walked back and a talked to a few people waiting to see the show. Another Texan was there, which is cool. He is like me, I am use to be friendly with everyone and here in the City most folks don’t make eye contact with you. Which I understand, I guess I am a small town boy from East Texas.

So we all got in, about fourteen of us altogether. There was one guy that I could tell was a major fan. I told the folks that I was going to be on ‘Unscrewed’ to perform my Nerd song and a few of them thought it was cool. I gave out my website to a few folks. Then we went in the studio, I got to sit up front. The studio looks smaller than it does on TV, I am amazed at how much they maximize all the space they have.

The show went great, we cheered and clapped a lot. I won a t-shirt from the one of the interns. Then they paned the audience and I got on for about a second, which it cool. The show was over.

I want to say that all of the hosts rock. They made time to shake hands, sign autographs and pose for pictures. I got a picture with Sarah Lane and then the whole gang. I told Sarah about being on ‘Unscrewed’and she thought that was cool. I asked her if she wanted a CD and she said yes. She then told a few others about me and I was able to give Yoshi and Patrick a CD and they seemed to be cool about it. I left a few CDs for Dan and Kevin. I hope they dig my music.

Then it was time to leave. I had to wait about 30 minutes until the number 9 bus came to the stop. I got back to the hotel and I told the bell hop that I needed particular a taxi at 6:45 there time. I went up to my room and got my mind in focus for the show. I put on my G.A.M.E. t-shirt and walked out with my guitar. When I went down I thought that I would have my taxi, but there was no taxi. So I had to get one myself. Did I said that this place cost a C-note a night.

Well, I got a taxi and I was at the studio in no time. It took a little time to get a voucher to pay the taxi. I met Daniel, the producer that I worked with, and he told me what was going on. He wanted a one minute version of my Nerd song, so I played my first two verses and the chorus, which was under a minute. Then they gave me a light saber. Marty was going to ask me about it and I was to show my greatness on it. A real light saber doesn’t weigh anything so I can fling that thing around in light speed, this was a Kenpo stick, so I practiced with it in the ‘Call for Help’ set. And some guy told me to stop so that I won’t hit the lights. Believe me, I said that I would need to be careful and I wasn’t going to hit anything. I did the best that I could, and when back to the green room. I saw a host from Tech live and I talked to him a while. Then they came to get me.

I went back to the same studio that the ‘Screen Savers’ was on only a few hours earlier, but now it was the ‘Unscrewed’ set. Marty was there getting ready for the show. I saw the ‘Switch’ and I talked to her a few minutes. Then they brought in the audience and the show started.

Before I know it, I was on. Marty shook my hand. This was the first time that I talked to him. I was saying sir and ma’am a lot, and the director told me it was a comedy show. When the cameras came on, I lit up. I got to talk to Marty for a few minutes. He remembered that I emailed him after his first show. And he knew that I did ‘Whatever’ TV show also. And he knew that I was going to Vegas. Marty must’ve went to my website a few times. They wanted to do a mike check on the guitar and told me not sing my Nerd song yet. So I started to play “Take on Me” and Marty started to sing along with me. This is cool.

Then it was show time. He started off asking what makes me a Nerd. I told him. Then he wanted to what the difference between a Nerd and geek. Then I did my light saber thing. It wasn’t the best, but it was ok. Again a real light saber doesn’t weigh anything so I can make it move fast. This thing weigh about a pound, I made it move fast, but not as fast as a real light saber. I got asked afterwards if it was Kenpo or something. I told them no, it was just me dancing around with a light saber.

Then Marty talked about my plays and focused on my ‘Lan Party’ play. A few people on the staff, including Daniel, the guy that I worked with, did the first page of my play! I can’t believe it. This is the first time I saw some ‘actors’ perform this play. Rock and Roll!

Then it was time for my Nerd song. The audience laughed and I could tell they dug it. So a minute later it was over. I had a great time.

I watched the rest of the show and got to hang around for the second taping. The guy that tried to sell his wedding dress on Ebay was on the next show. I thought when was Marty going to get this guy on the show, now I know. One guy won a t-shirt and they were out, so I ask him if he wanted a Nerd CD. He did. I also gave them one to give out during the break.

After the show I got an autograph from Marty and a picture with him and Laura. I gave them both a CD and it was over. I gave out a few more CDs to some folks in the audience. I got a picture with the Wedding Dress guy and gave him a CD. Then my cab came and it was all over.

I want to say thanks to everyone at TechTV. I had a great time and I hope that you all dig my ‘I’m a Nerd’ song.

Tomorrow, Las Vegas!

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