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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Taxes, Movie and Life

Well this week I paid my taxes. I am not going to complain. When I was in college, I never earned enough to make enough money to pay more taxes than the government took out. I would rather pay taxes than to have the government take it out of my check. That way, I could earn one percent interest on that money. I might make an extra three or four dollars of interest a year if that happens.

Then I could go back in time in my time machine and buy real estate with that three or four dollars of interest. If I would buy few acres in what will be prime real estate, I could get a town named after me. Instead of Houston, how about Herberton. Maybe just Herbert, that sounds better.

I was looking forward to Kill Bill II, it was good. Very good, but I was a bit disappointed with the lack of action. The dialogue was great, like all of QT films, but after the action of Kill Bill I, I was hoping for a big fight ending. I won’t give it away, instead I will tell you a story.

I used to love pro wrestling. WCW was my choice at the time. There was a big build up between Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash. They both said how much they were going to kill one another. I was a Nash fan at the time, and I really believed that he was going to destroy Hogan. Ok, I had to wait a few days for the show down, and I was actually looking forward to it.

Finally the big match was about to happen. During the show they both said how much they were going to kill on another. Ok, they both got into the ring, then right when they were about to fight, Hogan pushes Nash with his finger and Nash falls to the ground. 1 2 3 and it over, Hogan wins. Nash had switched sides and was now part of the NWO.

I was so mad! I was looking forward to a big fight. It was near the end of the show so I thought it was going to go into over time. I was suckered in. Instead of a big fight I saw a big con. After that wrestling was never the same. I haven’t watched it since WCW was sold to WWE. That is fine, I have four more hours a week to watch Star Trek.

So, if there is big build up, there need to be a huge pay off.

I also memorized my “I’m a Nerd” song this week. I played it at open mike night without music. So now, I can play it any time I have a guitar or piano. Watch out!!!

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