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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Jazz, Computers and Life

Jazz, Computers and Life

Last Friday I had a chance to play jazz again. It has been about three years since I have comp jazz changes on my guitar. I guess it is like riding a bike, it will always be there. I learned how to comp in Cali. When I came to East Texas, I had to learn a new style of playing. I still like my West coast comping the best and this is what I use when I am playing in a Jazz combo.

The gig was a non-paying gig. A trumpet player I know said they were going to play at Hastings for free and they didn’t have a piano player and I could sit in if I wanted to. I usually don’t play for free, but I had nothing else to do on a Friday night, so why not.

So I got there I saw the bass player but the trumpet guy didn’t show. So the bass player and I played a few standards before the sax player came. We had a trio and it seemed that most folks dug it.

This was the first time that I had ever played with these guys. I was hoping to play with the trumpet player because he is supposed to be really good. The sax player was great and some old people made a tip jar for us. Some tiny boppers were there, but they didn’t give us any tips. I guess being in high school they need all their money for acne cream.

It was cool to have a lot of people tell us we sounded good. It was also cool to not be the star but rather a member of a combo. When I play at open mike, I’m the star. All the focus is on me, which is cool. But it is cool to make some music with other musicians too.

Earlier that same day, I fixed a couple of computers and set up a printer on a network. I am the man, after trouble shooting; I was able to fix them. I’m the man.

I can’t believe that school is almost over. Two weeks and it is over. That is all the time I have to teach the kiddos all that I want them to learn.

I wished I had more time with them, but I am pretty sure that none of them will forget me. I am that type of a guy, once you meet me, you will never forget me. I should be a star, but teaching is what I love. Money and fame isn’t that important. I help people every day. I led by example, and I have touched so many students over the last seven years. When I have former students come up and tell me that they learn a lot from my class, I feel great. And the ones that don’t what to say anything to me, well you can’t please everyone. I’m happy with what I have done. Life is good.
Starfleet has trained me well.

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