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Monday, March 22, 2004

Spring Break is over

OK, I am glad to be back at work teaching. I have had enough time off. I was able to finish my Band composition "2012", it is about 3 minutes of music. I am going to tweak it a bit more before posting it on the web. I also worked on an one act play.

I hung out with my family and friends a bit and played video games. I finally played Halo on the X-Box, it is fun. I still like UT more,but I can see why folks like Halo.

I also got my teeth check, they told me that I have the best teeth they have seen in a long time and keep doing what I am doing. I brush twice a day and floss. That is all I do, I can't believe that other folks don't do this, I can't sleep until I brush my teeth.

Also my "I'm a Nerd" song is really taking off. I have had 400 people download it in the past two days since a friend of mine posted it on a forum that he knows. If I become famous because I am a nerd, that would rock. I can see it now, "I'm a Nerd t-shirts", CDs, soap, the list is endless. I think that this song touches folks, that is why people dig it. Maybe it will get into a movie and I can get on Star Trek with those contacts, that would be great!!!

Well, a few hours from teaching, and I can wait to get back!!! Fame will have to wait.

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