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Sunday, March 28, 2004

I’m a Nerd, Play and Piano

This has been a cool week. I have had my I’m a Nerd song downloaded more then thousand times. This is cool. Now I can say that I have people from around the world hear one of my songs.

I got to hear my one act play read this week. “Dreams that can Never be” was well received during the readings. It was one of the best plays read so far. I hope that I can get to performed one day. I need to find some play writing festivals to see if one would produce it.
If I could make some money, that would be great, but if I could see performed that would be great. Maybe this summer I will make a movie of it. It is not that same as seeing it live, but I could then put it on the web.

I want to thank the actors that read it on the sight. They are pros, they made it sound like they were living it. Thanks again, you guys rock!

On Friday I got to see the best pianist that I have ever seen. He is the fastest pianist I have ever seen, with the most emotion and he had fun performing. This is the most important part of playing music, to have fun and make music for the audience you have. Too many times I have been to recitals and the person is only playing for themself. It always shows.

When I play at open mike nights, I am there to share music with the folks there. I have a good time, then the audience will have a good time.

It has been a good week. Look out for more plays and songs by me. If you want go and read my play and email me with your thoughts.


Here is my "I'm a Nerd Song"


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