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Friday, March 05, 2004

People that Don’t have any talent irritate me

I have for the pass fifteen years been composing music. For the pass three years I have been making short Sci-Fi movies. About a year ago I wrote my first novel. I am right now working on a few plays. All of these times I have ask people to listen, read or watch my work. They have like some, hated some and love some of them.

But then there are the people that have no talent telling me what to do or what I did wrong. I have been blessed with the talent to make something out of nothing. I am an artist, whether it is in music or creating other stuff. But it does irritate me when someone that can’t draw a stick figure disses my work. It fine not to like something that I have made, I can live with that. It is human nature to want others to dig your work, but I have done this long enough that I have learn that you can’t make everyone happy. And that is cool.

But if you can do anything and you diss my work over and over and over, I want to see you do anything better. And I mean ANYTHING. Are you the best in your field? What can you do that is in the least bit that is better then me.

I have tried hard all of my life to be a Renaissance man. That means I learn how to do new things. I take classes, read books or just jump into new activates. As an undergraduate I have over 200 credit hours. I have two Master’s degrees in different field. It use to be that when you got a degree, you were a man of Letter. That means that you have learn how to think, create and be a responsible member of society. To do this you would have to be schooled in the all of the Arts. That is why I took all of those extra classes and have read so many books, I wanted to be a man of substance.

So for all of you that have dissed my work, let’s see what I can do.

Here is the long list:

I can play music: on the guitar on piano (can rock in both classical and in rock).
I can compose music: I have written music in the range of a Symphony to pop songs.
I can act: go watch my movies.
I can write: I have written a Novel. (It had one of the best sci-fi plots ever.)
I can work on computer: I never took a class and I better then a lot of tech workers (I am still working on this to be the best)
I can make web pages: www.herbertmidgley.com is one of the best one the web, prove me wrong.
I can teach: I have taught from Pre-K to Graduate level (Can any of you do this?)
I can play video games: I am one of the best in the world at Dr. Mario (One day I will be the best.)
I can also command a Starship: I won’t go into how hard it just to get into Starfleet , only the best of the best can get in, and that only the best of them get into command school and only the best of them become Starship Captains and only the best one of these gets the Flag Ship of the Federation. I can go on, but you get my point.

I can do a lot of other stuff that I won’t list: The list could go on as long as War and Peace, so I will stop here.

So, my movies rock as I do. And instead of dissin’ my work, GO DO SOMETHING 1/100th as good as my work. I bet you can’t. Prove me wrong. If not, leave me alone.

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