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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Another Movie

Well, I did it. Made another short movie. This one is 10 minutes long. It took us about 2 hours to shoot it, but it took me 12 hours to edit it!!!

That is right 12 hours!!! That is an hour an minute. I had fun, but man that was my whole weekend.

We filmed it at 4pm on Saturday. I then went home and ate. Then practiced guitar. Then I started to edit the movie. About 6 hours on Saturday and and 6 hours on Sunday.

I have so much fun making these movies. I am glad to have other people to star in them.

My first films have me fighting a trash can. What else could I do? If I am the only one that wanted to be in the film, I have to be creative.

One on major thing I have found out is that I can direct. I have a gift to make up stories on the spot. I can also see the movie in my head. Then I have to get the shots to tell the story.

Death Student is my best film. The reason is that I had a goos idea and great people to work with.

They are gamers. That means they play video games but also RPG or role playing games. They act all the time. So when I ask them to do or say something, they can do it. I believe that they are better than a 'real actor'. The reason is that they don't have egos, they only want to have fun. Actors need a script, I guess. Sure they can cry on the spot but can they fight a trash can an make it look real?

I can.

If you a real actor don't be mad, I could never memorize lines to star in play, so you can do that and that is great. I am just saying that the gamers are a hoot to work with and I have a great product. So go watch the film!!!!

To see Death Student:

To see Death Stairs and see me fight a trash can:

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