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Friday, January 09, 2004

Why can’t I buy Corn Nuts in Nac

The other day I wanted to get some CornNuts. Since I don’t eat sugar, this is a snack that I could eat from time to time. So, I went to Wal-Mart, and they don’t have them. I ask a guy working there; he said he can’t remember ever having them. So I went to Target, not there. Then a few other supermarkets, not at any expect for store.

It was a 4 ounce bag of BBQ favored CornNuts. This is all I could find. Why can’t I buy CornNuts in Nac?

I went out of town and at another Wal-Mart they had three 7 ounce bags. So I bought them all. I hope that this will last awhile since I can’t get them in Nac.

One time at Wal-Mart they had some sugar free Peanut-Butter Cereal that I liked. In two months, they stop carrying it. What’s up? Why does everything that I like and can eat disappear? It sounds like a case for the X-files, oh wait that show is cancelled too.

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