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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I Just got $255 of Music for $9.

No, I didn’t download MP3s off the internet. I got 17 CDs from Hastings for 49 cents each.

Are they junk CDs. That depends on the time frame. Now, maybe. Back in 1999 they were $18.99 in the store. I got the first Brittany Spears CD. Does it suck, I don’t know I haven’t listen to it yet. This is the first Spears CD that I have bought. I have heard her sing on TV and the radio, but I never would pay 20 Bucks to have it. I wouldn’t even download it off the net for free. But since it was 50 cents, why not buy it. I could be worth something when they stop making commercial CDs.

Since the legal downloading of MP3 is becoming easier, one day they won’t make CDs to buy in the store. You will download the songs you what, and burn you own CD or put it on your MP3 player.

I got more than a Brittany Spears CD. I also now have 3 Backstreet Boys CDs now. That is 3 more than I have ever had. I have 1 NSYCH CD also. This could pay for my grandkids college one day.

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