Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Can Not Lose The Beard

Can Not Lose The Beard

I tried to lose the beard. Really, I did, I shaved my five-month beard off in late August, and now it is back. It is just hard to want to shave when are you wearing a mask in public. No one can tell what I look like, whether I have shaved or not, so what is the point? 

Most of my life I have shaved. I have grown a beard when I need to for an acting part. Most of the time I grow a mustache instead of a beard for film roles. Fortunately, I can grow a beard fast when I need one. Still, most of the time I have a clean shaving face. 

Lately, there is little reason to shave during COVID-19. When I go in public, I have a mask on. People mainly see me without a mask during Zoom meetings. A virtual beard does not count. Does it? I did not think so. 

Well, right now I can wear a beard and only a few would know I had one. I could shave the beard off and have a mustache. Or I could shave everything off and no one would be the wiser. So many options when you are wearing a mask all of the time in public.

I will look back at this post and remember that time period when I could grow a beard or mustache and no one would know. "Do you remember when we all wore masks in public and I could grow a beard undercover?" And when I think about it, I will be probably be clean shaved. 


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