Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Letting Things Go

 Letting Things Go

I like stuff. You like stuff.  We all like stuff. When is it time to let your stuff go? 

Since March, I have not shaved. I thought about it, however since I am not seeing any people in person, due to coronavirus quarantine, why shave. I take photos and post them online and people comment on how epic my beard looks. The beard is more amazing than I am!

So I am going to let my beard go in a day. School is starting up, and I will see people in person, however with a mask on. So they may not know that I do not have a beard anymore. It has been cool not shaving. I have saved three minutes a day for months by not shaving. That adds up over your lifetime.

I will miss the beard, but all good things come to an end. I can not wear a beard forever. I can not go without a haircut forever either. Having a job means responsibilities. Looking the part that your job requires, makes your job easier. Plus I can see and I am eating my beard with every bite of food I eat. It is time.

I dig the beard. I am going to let my beard go because I do not want my beard or long hair to control me. If I want a beard and long hair, I can let them grow over a few months. Shaving my beard gives me the strength to let other things go. 

Negativity, is great to let go. So goodbye to my beard. And goodbye to negativity in my world. I will focus on improving my life and let those that are negative live their lives. I want happiness in my life. Others, sadly do not.

The thought about shaving my beard is making me sad. And that is why I have to shave my beard. My beard can not control me. Let it go. I am feeling better, losing my beard and negativity at the same time. 




Oh, by the way, my new CD is out on Amazon.  Music Of Midgley - The Internet Legend is full of fan favorites and a few new songs and a lot of instrumentals!  I am rocking out to eleven for sure! 20 selections are on the CD. All-new recordings of my biggest hits with a full band, I am playing all the parts, guitar, bass, keyboard, harmonica, and I program the drums. Drums are the last instrument I need to learn! It is me singing on vocals too. That is why nine selections are instrumental for those that I do not dig my voice. Anyways, I hope that you love the CD. It is only $5! Buy a ton and give them out as presents and gifts to the ones you love! Notice how I use photos of me with and without the beard. Buy it now or what a few weeks and it will be on Spotify. Computed!

Here is the link to Music Of Midgley - The Internet Legend


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