Friday, November 30, 2018

Technology Is Great!

Technology Is Great!

The technology that we have today is amazing!  The computers, the internet, the smartphones, cameras, software and apps, we all use and love.  There are even guitars tuners that can tune the guitar without me touching the guitar. Wow!

I love gadgets.  I have always loved gadgets.  I always will.  When a new device comes out, it is faster, cheaper and easier to use.  When I used a Commodore 64 or Atari 800xl in the early 1980's, I never thought that I would need another computer.  Those 8-bit computers could do everything that I ever needed in the 80's.  Today most couldn't even get a program to load.  LOAD "*",8,1 to most computer users today is not understandable, it looks like a bunch gibberish.

The one thing that was good about those early computers is that they were slow.  Not to us back then, but today they sure are.  They could compute, but it took a while for them to load, save, and run software.  It was faster to do things in your head.  We all had a bunch of phone numbers that were memorized.  It was faster for most of use to write in cursive in longhand than type on these computers.  Which meant we did a lot of things without technology.  Some of our Casio watches had a calculator, but that's all.  No cameras, no mobile phones, no GPS, no Apps, it only told time and had a stopwatch.

We talked to each other.  We had to call and talk to a person.  We had to write letters to each other.  We had to show up when we made plans because phone booths were not everywhere.

It was a time where we used technology to improve our lives.  Today in many ways, technology as is our lives.  A big difference. 

So go out there and talk to someone that needs it.  Leave your smartphone at home for a few hours a day.  Go for a walk with some friends.  When you eat, talk and pay attention to those you break bread with.  Laugh, cry, hug and shake hands with those that you love and care about.  Listen to music in a group and not on earbuds.  Watch a movie in a group instead of watching it on a cell phone.

Enjoy your life.  Use technology to improve your life, not be your life.

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