Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking Back On The Year

Looking Back On The Year

History.  His story.  When you look back at your life and think about it, what do you remember?  Facts, events, emotions?  I would say the strong emotional events are what stays with you.  A strong emotional event is a bit of blur at the time, when you think back on it, in many ways you're not sure what happened.

That's how the mind and memory works.  Whenever I read history books or see documentaries on history, I know that what I'm reading or seeing could have never happened.  Or it happened in a completely different manner.   Perhaps the people lived a completely different life and place.  Who knows for sure? Time. We sure don't!

As 2017 closes and I look back, there will be a lot of memories.  Happy ones, sad ones, and ones that I don't remember.  In thirty years when I talk about 2017, what will I remember for sure and for real?  The emotional memories.   Strong memories.  Memories that you connect you with yourself.

All of the loved ones that I have lost, I miss you and you are with me forever.   All of the times I that have spent on creativity, one day I'll get it.  All of the times that I went out to seek out new adventures and new lands, know that there are many more to find in my future. 

2017 will be with me for the rest of my days.  It is a year that needed me the most.  A year, a month, a day, an hour, and a second that will be a part of me forever.  Moments of more.  I love and miss you 2017. Amen.


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