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Friday, September 30, 2016

You Get Out Of Life What You Put Into It

You Get Out Of Life What You Put Into It
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"That person, they work hard."  "If I was you, I would hire that hard working person over there."

No one would ever say there is anything wrong about working hard.  Well, they shouldn't.

"You don't have a chance, so don't even try."  "Man if I were you, I would just give up"

If anyone has said this to you, it could be true.  However I bet that the person saying this hasn't done anything.  They have not accomplish anything, so they don't want you to accomplish anything either so they don't feel so bad about themselves.

In your life, you will encounter negative people.  People that tell you that you can't do this or that.  Mainly because they haven't.  In most cases, these people never worked hard on anything.  If it wasn't easy to do, then why do it.  Duh, that means that you can't have a chance at living your dreams either.

What I can tell you that if you have a fire in your belly, that if you are willing to work so hard until you can't work anymore, you will find some kind of success.   I can't tell you that all of your dreams will come true, I can tell you that will a lot of hard work, you will be closer to what you want to do or achieve than if you did nothing.

When you have negative people around you, just smile and nod along.  With your hard work, you'll have the last word.  Have pity on them for not having what it takes to find true happiness or success in life.  Turn their negative vibes into positive vibes for you and your future success.

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And that does compute!  Rock and roll!!!


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