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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy RockOWeen!

Happy RockOWeen!
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Rockin' out. If you are a rock and roller, as I am, you know what that means.  If you don't play guitar or another rock instrument, you may not.  When one, "Rocks Out", it is a feeling of complete satisfaction, you are one with the world and all of space time.  Rockin' out, when done correctly, is the greatest feeling in the known universe!

I have been rockin' out as soon as I grabbed my first guitar.  That first note was my path to freedom, it gave me a place in this world, a reason to live everyday as if it were my last.  The string vibrating under my fingers connected me to all of those that rock out before and all that will rock out in the future!

Music has been the most important part of my life, I could not go a day without holding a guitar.  Playing guitar everyday for the last thirty years has given me solace, made me part of something bigger than anything else.  Music is a complete ocean of water, and Rock and Roll is an amazing part of this ocean.  I will rock out as long as I am on Earth!

Here is to a Rockin' future.....

"Rockin' Out In Fire" - Rock Music Video That Is On Fire!

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Happy RockOWeen!

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