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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to go from running a fifteen mile to running a mile under eight minutes

How to go from running a fifteen mile to running a mile under eight minutes

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It has been a long time since I have ran mile under eight minutes.  This summer I started to run again after letting my legs rest for a few months.  The first time I ran again in late May, my legs felt like they have never ran!  I use to run three miles every single day for years!  That first mile was about fifteen minutes, I could almost walk a mile that fast, maybe even faster!

Well I didn't give up.  Soon I got the mile down to twelve minutes.  Then I got down to a ten mile.  I was happy, this is about how fast I ran a mile when I ran three miles daily.  However since I was only running a mile, I started to lift weights.  I have always hated weight training, that is why I ran, running was more fun than lifting weights.  With some research on health,  I learned that you need both cardio and weight training.

So I lifted weights for twenty minutes.  I ran ten minutes.  That is a good and easy workout, I can get to and in a out of the gym in less than 45 minutes.  I have 45 minutes most days, so I can work out five plus days a week.

At first the weight training was slow.  I worked as many muscles as I could in twenty minutes.   As the weeks went by, I felt stronger and stronger.  My clothes are a bit looser and I feel better than I have since my daily three mile runs.

As my muscles got stronger I got faster at running that mile.  I broke a nine minute mile.  Then eight and half minutes.  To get to that mark I did some research on breathing techniques for runners.  I started to use them and then for a few weeks I goy faster and faster.  Closer to that under eight minute mark.

Thanks to the weight training, breathing techniques and eating better and less, all of these contributed to this under eight minute mile.  I think tomorrow I will run a slower one.   Perhaps I'll run and mile and half.  All I can say in a few months I went from running a fifteen mile to one under eight minutes.

If you think you can't do this, you are wrong.  Get out there and work out!  Don't give up!!  Work harder and smarter!!  I believe in you, you can do this too!

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This is how I look after I ran a mile under eight minutes!!!  If I can do this, so can you!!!!!

How to go from running a fifteen mile to running a mile under eight minutes

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