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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Light And Not

Light And Not

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 We see light. If there is no light, we can not see. Without light there is nothing we can see.

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If something can not be seen, is it really there?  You could argue either case.  However, what if you can not see what is before your eyes.

 photo 945601_10100529772493858_1114962416_n_zps8b22d2e9.jpg

There are times when we can not see what is really there.  Perhaps not for not looking, rather not knowing what to look for.  Wanting to be seen is not the same as being seen.

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You can go a lifetime and never see the whole world.  If you add space, add a few more lifetimes if you want to see it all.  Forty-Two, that sounds about right!

 photo 1005607_10100529773636568_1916635127_n_zps6283ce8b.jpg
If you dress like this, maybe it is better to not be seen!

Maybe you will enjoy these photos!

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