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Friday, May 31, 2013

Only Humanity Would Think That

Only Humanity Would Think That
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For my entire life I have always thought of the future being bright for humanity.
 Don't know why, perhaps it's the Star Trek that is inside me, I have always
thought that the future would be better and so would humanity.

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 I get asked why so from many people. Is it a feeling?
 Do I know something that others don't. Is there a time machine envolved?
 I wish!

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 No, things in life and on Earth either get better or get worst.
 Don't feel like humanity is getting worst, so it has to be getting better.
 A few million years from now, it should be amazing!  Get out life
what you want to put in it.  In the end, that's is all that you can do.

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 Here are some videos for you!

  Glasses On Red Table Cloth - Avant Garde Short Film

"Rain" - Music Video

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