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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Humanity Will Pick Up The Pieces Together

Humanity Will Pick Up The Pieces Together

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It's been a great life so far. Planning to enjoy a great life until the day I die.
I would argue that no matter where I was or where, I would find happiness.

What is happiness? Feeling good? Liking what you are doing? Not worrying
about money? Having people to share the world with? Perhaps
many other things and thoughts that we all thing about at some point.  All
the things that make us human.

When you get right down to it, all you have is who you are on the inside.  If
you can be happy during the rough times, you can be happy any time.  We learn
from the past and hopefully look towards the future.

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Whenever I have to face what it is to be human, I look towards science fiction
for answers.  Science fiction is the most powerful genre that faces what it means
to be human and questions what is humanity.  The morals we have are justified
from our past and what we have to face at a moment.  At times necessity trumps
what we believe.

Not matter how many pieces you have dropped, they can be picked up.  No puzzle
is so lost that can never be put together.  In science fiction, humanity will pick
up the pieces together.  Once humanity has grown out of it's infancy, it will be

Can't wait for that day....

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 We'll Pick The Pieces Up Together

As always, I'm a rocker!

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I'm A Rock And Roller

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