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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freedom in a White Suit

Freedom in a White Suit


Freedom. What does freedom mean to you? Does it mean the same to you as it did when you were a kid? Funny how your perception changes in time.

Remember how much you looked forward to holidays and your birthday? It seemed like forever until the next holiday. Waiting for a change in the mundanity of life.

Once you got your presents or treats and the excitement was over, there was a calm feeling that it was over. And for that brief moment you weren't looking forward towards the next event. Happy and at one with the world for a short period of time.

Ask yourself what is freedom. If you don't have it, how can you find it. Perhaps you have to earn it with age and wisdom. Many do, many don't. To all that have freedom, peace be with you. To all that don't and never have freedom, in a few billion years from now, will it really matter?

Here is to the future.....

Freedom - Art Film

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