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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cross Roads

Cross Roads Photobucket

Time is moving fast. Months seem like days, days seem minutes. It feels like we are in a cross roads.

Cross Roads

Photobucket Looking for time.

Walking outside there is sense that a storm is coming. Perhaps not a storm, maybe more like a feeling. A feeling that is true to who you are and where you will go.

Dusk - Avant-garde Film

Photobucket One second slowed down.

At times we all need a sabbatical. This is especially true when you are about to go on a long journey. A journey that you may not know what will come.

Photobucket Waiting for time.

When you are standing at that cross roads, looking at the clouds passing by, there is one direction that you have to follow. The truth will always be revealed when you are true. Morals help you win in the end.

Photobucket Time goes slow.

One direction are your values. The other are your morals. In the middle is the truth, so that that you can find what is good in your heart.

Photobucket Not sure what time this is?

That glowing feeling that beats strong in your chest, that your true feelings. Your gut feelings will lead you true. All you have to do is follow what you know on the inside.

Cross roads can be intimidating, which path will you choose? Stand still or choose North, South, East or West. Only you can know for sure.


Rocking out time!

"Rock and Roll Is In His Soul" - Music Video

Thoughts At The Drive Thru

Oh yeah, here is the teaser for my sci-fi film that is being release in April 2012! "The Rise of the Robots"

The Rise Of The Robots - Teaser

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