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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mustache Herb

Mustache Herb

In my youth I never thought that I could grow a mustache. If you remember seeing photos of Lieutenant Colonel Custer, he had a cool mustache. I saw generals with beards, and the lower officers have mustaches. The higher in rank you got, the more facial hair you could have. If you had no rank, no facial hair for you ensign!

Today not many wear a mustache. Perhaps they are out of fashion. Maybe razors are better today. Or maybe goatees are cooler.

Well it is fun wearing a mustache. I can grow on pretty fast now. A beard or a mustache is the only facial hair I'll wear, you can keep the goatees. Mustaches are cool enough for me! If is was cool enough for Charles Bronson, mustaches are awesome enough for me.

Keepin' It Real!

Rockin' Out!

Here are some cool songs to rock out to!

"I've Got a Mustache!" - Punk Rock Song

"'I've Got a Beard!" - Punk Rock Song

"Why Go Outside?" Music Video

"Silver Cloud Pillows" - Music Video

"Flowing Over...." - Solo Piano

Nice Shadow!
Here is a cool short film!

Studying Art History - Time Lapse

Nice Sunset!

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