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Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Fix A Clicking Refrigerator

How to Fix A Clicking Refrigerator


Sitting playing guitar I hear a clicking noise come from the kitchen. I didn't pay it any mind. The next day I go to get some cool drink mix drink and it's lukewarm. So I opened up the freezer and it's a bit cool.

Well my refrigerator is broken. Ok, so do I go and by a new one? No! I use the power of the internet to figure out the problem! After doing a quick search I figured out it was the Start Relay and it was a easy fix for a can do guy like myself.

The first thing I had to do was take off the Start Relay. Well the back of your refrigerator is like changing spark plugs in a modern car, you can see them, but getting to them is another thing.

After a while I was able to get the Start Relay off to see if was broken. After shaking it, and it rattled, I knew this was the problem. Got back on the internet and ordered the part since you can't by these parts locally.

A few days later I got the part in the mail. Took apart the refrigerator and put in the Start Relay. Closed it all back up and opened the door. It was blowing cold! Success!

Now I can rock out and drink some cool drink mix refrigerated in a refrigerator I fixed. Life is rockin'! Rock and Roll forever!


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