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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I Love Nacogdoches

Why I Love Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches has been good to me over the last few years. Before living in East Texas, I came from Northern California and it was quite different. It took a little while, however I have been so happy living here.

Whenever you go or move anywhere you can either hate it or love it. Remember it's the same dance just a different tune. No matter where you are at you can find the gems of that town.


The reasons that I love Nacogdoches are:

1. The People
2. The Culture
3. Catfish
4. No Traffic!

The people in Nac are great! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is a true community! When I go somewhere in Nac, most of the time I run into someone that knows me, or of me. This is great!

I have folks tell me that I need to move to Austin, New York or LA for the arts. There is so much to do here in Nac, I can't go to everything here! Concerts, art, theatre are over Nac! We have some of the best artists, actors and musicians in the world here in Nac!

When I am driving to get me some catfish or chicken fried chicken, there isn't any traffic. In larger cities I can't even get across the street in less the twenty minutes. Nac has no traffic, so I can get my catfish in minutes!! That makes me happy!

Well I love this town, if you ever visit look me up and say howdy!


Here is a short documentary I made about love Nacogdoches!
Why I Love Nacogdoches - Short Documentary

Here I am rocking out in Nacogdoches!

"A Hard Road" - Music Video

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Reason #4????!!!! What? The traffic in Nac is terrible. I try to avoid North street, and when I can't, the back streets aren't much better.

Other than that...Nac is pretty cool. Lots of photo opportunities.



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