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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow in East Texas

Snow In East Texas

It has been a long time since it has really snowed in East Texas. I wasn't here when East Texas had a snow on the ground, it was in 1988 or 1981, I got two dates from two different people, well it was in the 80's for sure! The last few years we have a little snow flake down for a few minutes and melt as it touch the ground, this was real snow!

I got a phone call at 7 am in the morning. Slowly I made it to the phone and answered it. A computer voice informed me that school was canceled do to the snow. So I looked outside to a winter wonderland I haven't seen in a long time.

Snow was everywhere
For a moment I thought about going back to sleep. Any other day, I would've done this. I knew it was going to melt fast, so I grab my camera and took footage of the snow in East Texas. Got a lot of great shots and even made a short film in the snow.

Instead of sleeping on my day off, I walked the snow for about six hours. It was melting fast, so those first few minutes looked great. My feet got cold and wet really fast, it was great to get out of the snow in various places I stopped at. I forgot how hard it was to live and work in snow, that's why I live in East Texas!

Along the way, I saw many snowman. Also many snowball fights were going on as I walked the streets. On a few hills, you could see folks sledding in the snow.

As cool as it was to have the white stuff on the ground, I am happy it rarely snows here. Did you know that snow melts to water? Then everything with snow on it gets wet.

Looking Cool in the Snow
I can handle snow in East Texas every twenty years. So look out 2030! Oh yeah, 2012......... Guess this is the last snow we'll see. :(

Rockin' Out in the Snow

Here are a few videos I made in the snow.

Sledding in the Snow

Snow Angel

Man Falling Down In Snow

How to Make a Snowball

Snowing in Nac

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