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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mom and Dad, When I was a kid I Jumped over a Snake while Riding my Bike

Mom and Dad, When I was a kid I Jumped over a Snake while Riding my Bike.

Cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Web Surfing, Blogs, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc., have helped make humanity a bit less human. We think on the surface we are so much more connected to others, in reality those ones and zeros push us further away from who we are.

Back when I was kid, I went out to play. I love to bike ride, as I do now, everywhere. On the street, ride down fast on hills, go cross country and into the woods. And I had no cell phone, no way of communicating with anyone save if one of my friends were with me.

Me not in front of the computer

I can see mothers today freaking out! You mean your mom let you go out and play without her knowing exactly where you were. Well she know I was on Earth, that was about it most of the time during the day.

No snakes to jump today.

Guess what, I survived. I'm the person that I am today because my folks let me live life. I told them about my day, most of what I did. And one day while bike riding in the woods I saw a snake about four feet in front of me, so I jumped it. I knew I didn't have time to brake or the space of ride around it and I was biking fast so I had no choice but to jump.

No surprise, I live to tell about it. My heart was pumping and I felt like Evel Knievel! And all of my friends knew that I was the man for doing so. Another Herb legend came from this story. But I never told my folks about it.

I'm sure there's a story behind this

There was no Facebook or Twitter to brag about it. No blogs to post my incredible story for the world to know. No YouTube for me to sing a song about this awesome feat.

I told my friends at school on Monday and I was super cool for a few days. Rock and roll! I think that two foot snake grew to a twenty foot monster snake by the end of the week. I was truly the man!

Did I ever tell you the time I ate some fish?

Today I'm afraid that kids don't live life. Sitting in front of a computer for twelve plus hours a day ain't no way to live life! To be a great human being you had better live a great life full of stories to change the world! Getting perfect on Guitar Hero doesn't matter as much as having a human experience to share with your friends and family.

I love life!

So go out there and live life! The internet will be there when get back, so will the Internet Legend. And the next time you have post what you are doing on the Facebook or Twitter, go over to a friend and tell them in person. Cutting out the middle man is always better.

Rock and Roll!

Man I love the piano

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