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Friday, January 09, 2009

Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe

Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe
One time I was in the toy department looking at some toys with my grandpa. I pointed out a few G.I. Joe toys that my friends had. At the time I didn't think anything about it.

A few months later I got a package for my birthday. I got a G.I. Joe VAMP, it's a jeep with the action figure 'Clutch', and I got the one action figure I pointed to in the store 'Snake-Eyes'.

Since I had a few toys, I picked up a few G.I. Joe comics. I got in the first year them came out, I missed a few issues, so I ordered a few or bought them from my friends.

G.I. Joe the comic, was great. It still is some of the best story telling I have read. And in many ways, G.I. Joe the comic and action figures changed my life.

The reason that Snake-Eyes was so cool, not that he was a ninja, at the time almost no one knew what a ninja was. It was that Snake-Eyes didn't talk! Snake-Eyes was mysterious and legend because of this. Man I wished I could be as cool as Snake-Eyes back then.

Fast forward many years and a few days ago I thought that I should make a short trailer
starring my childhood hero. So I put together a Snake-Eyes suit, found my old Snake-Eyes props, or toys, then put on the suit of Snake-Eyes!

I am so proud of this short trailer. If it was possible to go back in time and show this to me back then, I would have flipped out!

Making so many films helped me make this look so cool with no budget. And I'm glad that I run and I can bench 190 pounds, so that I can look a bit like Snake-Eyes would.

Here is 30 seconds of a big kid living a dream. Make sure to watch it in HD!

G.I. Joe Movie Teaser

And Yo Joe!

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