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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anything is Better than Nuclear Fallout!

Earth is better without Fall Out.

Today is great. You may say prove it. We don't have fall out from an Atom bomb to deal with. Here is the math: no fall out = a great day.

Day after day I see folks that wish that things were better. Well, things are great right now. We have food to eat, we have running water, we have heat and air condition in our homes, we have houses, we have cars and bikes, we have computers and the internet. I have YouTube. Well I can go on and on. You have other things you love too.

Wanting more and more means you will never be happy. However if you got up each day and thought, 'there is no fall out today', it would be a wonderful day!

Here is an Avant Garde Art Film about how I think it would be to deal with fall out. Noises, boredom and uncertainly surely would follow.

"Fall Out" Avant Garde Art Film

Here is a link to show you the aftermath if a nuke hit your town. Put in your town, then start off with an atom bomb then work your way up to a major nuke. I think your day will be better after you realize what never happened.

Ground Zero Map

Here are a few links to a 1950's to Today videos on the dangers of fall out.
By watching this information I have learned that if you can last three days in a well built fall out shelter, most of the harmful radiation would be gone. In two weeks, you could go out almost like normal.

1950's Civil Defense Film - Survival Under Atomic Attack
Protect and Survive (Make Your Fall-Out Room And Refuge Now)

About Nuclear Fallout 1955
Nuclear Radioactive Fallout Survival Techniques.
Surviving nuclear fallout/dirty bombs/radiation leaks
Basement Core Shelter

Rock and Rollin' on a great cloudy day!
Here is a Video Christmas Card to send your friends.
Video Christmas Card

So be happy and go rock out! It is a beautiful day! Send a card to all those friends and family!

See, everyday is a great day. Go out there and enjoy your life! And rock and roll until you put your amp on eleven!

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