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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rockin' Out on Open C Tuning on the Guitar!

Rockin' out in 2008!

This is my first time making an instrumental in an Open Tuning on guitar. Here I am rockin' out in this jam session. The Open C tunning has a unique and different sound to it. Well, it just sounds really cool to me, I never play out of standard tuning.

Also, this Lotus Les Paul copy was my first guitar way back when. It still sounds and plays ok! I haven't played it in years, right now I'm mainly using my classical guitar as my main axe. I'm still digging my Yamaha 120SD that I got from a pawn shop a few weeks back, what a great blues guitar.

Hope you enjoy this jam session!

"Across The Ocean" Open C Tuning on Guitar

It's six days into the new year and I can already go running in my shorts!

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