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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Triangle Question - New Short Action Film

What is the Triangle Question?
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This summer I had hoped to shoot a lot of short movies. Well the time flew by, and I did make a few cool music videos and worked a bit on a few other films.

I had last Saturday free, so I put on my action hero outfit, grabbed my camera and hopped on my bike to go out and shoot a movie. We all loved the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as kids, and what a dream to shoot something in that genre.

My goal from now on is to shoot shots that look like a real movie. It is harder to do solo, which I have done for the most of my movies. Whenever the movie making bug hits me, I can't seam to get anybody out to shoot. No problem, since I am a one man film making machine. And I love to act too.

In East Texas, there are so many great nature locations. All within one park, I'm by pine trees, a clear field, then I'm next to a creek that looks like I'm in the Amazon! What a great place to make movies!

I shot the footage in an hour. Then edited the footage, added a soundtrack I composed and post it on the web in two hours. And then have all of my friends around the world watch my new action short!

I hope you enjoy it! Have a great first day back to school.

The Triangle Question

I'm a Action Hero too.
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Is that the triangle?
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A close up of the Hero.
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