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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A week in the life of Herbert

This is how I spent my week.
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Another full week, once again. This week I ran 18 miles so far. If I run today, it will be 21 miles. This is great, during the school year I really can't get to the track as much, so the max I run is from 9-12 miles a week. All I can say is that I'm amazed that I can do this now. The power of your mind is incredible.

This is how I look playing soccer.
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At the track one day, I was invited to play a game of soccer. I don't think that I've ever played a game of soccer in my life. It was a lot of fun and man did I feel it after the hour was over! I was able to block a few goals while playing. Wow!

In soccer, there is so much stop and go action, plus running after the ball when it left the field wore me out. However I did mange to run my daily three miles after game. Hopefully I can play another game before the summer is over.

Here I am playing the fiddle. Can you see how fast I can play!
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On Monday I got to jam with a few folks and test out my fiddle playing. I have a long way to go to play like a real fiddler! It sure was fun.

Playing the violin again after a ten year hiatus has taught me a few things. One is that all of my good technique is still up there as well as my bad technique. Two, you have to listen to stay on pitch. Three, bowing is the key to playing the violin. And finally, a great teacher and help you sound the best that you can.

At this point I'm not sure how much time I will be able to put in the violin once the summer is over. Surely I'll playing the fiddle more than I have the last decade. And maybe I can play fiddle instead of guitar when my friends get together to jam.

Here I am making movies.
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This week I finished the script to "The UFO Tracker". It's a short three to five minute Sci-Fi adventure. Right now, I'm working on the craft of movie making as well as my acting.

Practicing the craft is like practicing violin. The more you practice, the better you get. Also I don't have to make a full length feature to make something cool. One minute of good looking and exciting film is so much better than 30 minutes of boring footage.

Right now I have to get actors to help me out with this project. I'll, of course star in it, however that still leaves another four actors to find. One of them plays a space alien!

One friend told me that I should make films that people want to be in instead of the Sci-Fi movies I make. Well, that's not me. I have stories to tell that only Sci-Fi can achieve. You can do things in Sci-Fi that can never be done in any other genre.

Here is the script if you want to read it. Also if you think you could play one of the roles, let me know. I want to shoot this before the end of Summer II.

The UFO Tracker-play

The teaser trailer for The UFO Tracker

Here I'm riding my bike in between the rain.
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I love riding my bike. It gives me so much more joy than driving. Riding around town, I can spend time looking at the trees and clouds once I'm off the main streets. And since Nac isn't that that big, I can get almost anywhere in half an hour. Hopefully the rain will stop so that I can go on a long bike ride soon.

Here I'm rockin' out. That's the look of a rock and roller!
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This week I wrote another song. It rocks! I'll make the music video soon.

I'm having a problem of picking what songs to put on the next CD. There are so many songs I've written since my last CD. Oh well, I still plan to have a CD out by the end of Summer II. I'll just listen to the ones I have and pick the best of them. If you have a favorite, let me know so that I can add it.

Here I am thinking about the next Herb Report.
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This week no guest host on the Herb Report. So it's ten minutes of me talking about whatever. Enjoy!

The Herb Report (Cast 8) (7-27-07)

What a week!
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Well that's most of my week other than playing with OS 9 on a old laptop that a friend gave me. Acted in some test footage for a friend to try out his new camera. Taught my classes. Graded the midterms. Practiced guitar. Fixed four computers at school. Helped open the door before the locksmith came because I had a positive mental attitude. Helped move a lot of surplus to storage. Smiled a lot. Composed a lot of chorales. Ate a peanut butter sandwich. Played a lot of boogie woogie on the piano. Gave advice. Took a lot of photos of myself. Saw an old friend for a second. Went to a bookstore. Talked to friends on the cell. Taught a guitar lesson. Visited the folks. Make people laugh. Read a Remo Williams book. Watched Star Trek. Went to the Simpsons movie. Wrote a blog. Rocked them at open mike night. And of course, rockin' to my songs before I call it a night every night! That's about it.

Have a great week and hope you are all well!

"One has to move very fast to spar with one's own self."
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"Play the boogie woogie in the key of A."
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"Which way to the best catfish buffet?"
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"Are you waiting for a practice room too?"
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"Not another debate about Star Trek!"
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