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Friday, June 22, 2007

Running, Camps, Videos and Rockin' Out!

I love to rock and roll! Even after I ran three miles!
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The Band camps are over. I taught music technology to many of the band campers for the last two weeks. This has been another great year, all the band campers were so eager to learn.

All of them either printed a composition they composed using Finale Notpad or burned a CD of their own music they made in GarageBand. The only hard part was getting them to leave so that the next class could come in!

This year I recorded my lectures so that they could refer to them if they forgot something I taught them. I guess a lot of other folks will learn from them too. YouTube is a great web service!

To be honest, I haven't been running as much as I did before the European trip. I would convince myself that after it was over, I'll start back up again. My jet lag is gone, so now it's time to pay the piper.

I ran 18 miles so far this week. That's six days in a row, three miles for each day. If I run on Saturday, it will be 21 miles. Wow! I never in my life would've thought that I could run that much in a week. Hopefully this summer, I will run a marathon during one week. 26 miles and 385 yards in seven days. I bet I can do that.

Running is the best exercise I have found to stay in shape. And it's weird too. After that first mile, you feel strong. For me, the third mile is where I feel the best. Maybe it's because I ran around the track twelve times.

Knowing that most folks can't or won't do this, makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Most folks don't exercise at all. One day I hope to be one of the old runners I see out there. If I can run a mile when I'm 90, that would be great.

Last week, I posted on a few social networks an open call to help me make a music video. So far I have had a few takers, and on Thursday I was able to shoot some footage with one of my old friends.

The song for the video, I wrote a few weeks ago, however I didn't record it. So I had to first record it before I started to edit the footage.

I have had many friends tell me that my music videos would be better if I had other people in them. Yes, I agree. However it is hard to find folks when I get the itch to make a video. I work best on the spur of the moment.

This music video is one of my favorite, "soap opera acting" ones. I thought the concept of alienation came off with some of the artsy footage. My silhouette in the sunglasses, just looks cool to me. I can't believe I was able to pull that off. Well you can be the judge if you want to see it. Thanks Danielle for helping me with this project.

If anyone else wants to help me with my music videos or sci-fi movies, let me know. I'm always looking for folks to star in them.

Finally I had some time to edit some more of the European footage. Ruth and I shot another "Ruthi and Herbi Special" in front of the Eiffel Tower. These two music videos are from this. That's why my acting is so cheesy. I hope to edit that footage as soon as I can. Also, I hope to edit the documentary we shot over there too. Six hours of footage is a lot to pick and choose for a ten minute documentary.

Last Saturday, I decided to use the live record feature on YouTube to make a short podcast. These videos can only be ten minutes long, however all I have to do is talk and press a few buttons and it's on the web. I plan to do one of these a week. If you would like to co-host one with me, let me know. An old piano friend has already claimed one spot. You can be another one!

I got the idea from sending a friend a video email on Facebook. Then I send out a few more and they all loved them too. So if you want me to email a Herb-a-Gram on Facebook, let me know. Basically, it's me singing a song with the message you want me say. Only happy events, I can't sing any emo message songs.

Here is the new Herb Report Cast link:
The Herb Report (Cast 1) (6-16-07)

Here is the video of me teaching Music Technology to the band campers:
SFASU's Band Camp 2007 (How to Use Music Technology)

And the Music Videos:
"The ESC Key" Music Video

"I Love Paris" Music Video Live from Paris

"Sweater Girl" Live from The Eiffel Tower

And the nerd song in front of the Eiffel Tower:

"I'm a Nerd" (Live from The Eiffel Tower)

Some more photos:
I could be anywhere in this photo.
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The storm clouds look great.
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If you see one of these signs, you are on campus!
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