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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Whole World has Gone Grey! I like the Black and White Days.

Here I am standing.
Black and White floor,
Red and Grey wall.
Just like in the 50's!
Back in my day, things were right or wrong. Today folks seem to use the ‘grey’ area excuse for doing things that they know are wrong.

You can see this change in the multimedia experience of the day, movies. When you watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, you knew who the bad and good guys were. “Star Wars” was the same way, Dark Vader was the bad guy and Luke was the good one. You might like Vader, but in the end you knew and hoped that Luke would win.

“Star Trek” both TOS and the TNG were black and white too. One of my favorite Sci-Fi shows on the air today is “Battlestar Galactica”. “Battlestar Galactica” is full of the ‘grey’ areas. Nothing is cut and dry. There are bad guys, but sometimes the good guys are bad too. Sometimes the bad guys are good.

Some would say that the world has always been this way. Perhaps it has. Perhaps it always will.

I still and always will believe that people, humanity has a choice. Freewill to choose the right or choose the wrong. Everyone knows whether they are doing something wrong or right.

In the last 5000 years of written human history, take a guest at how much peace there has been? Times without some major war or battle going on. Less than 50 years. It may be less than 5 years if you count all of the little battles and feuds we fight.

This is how I learn history, everything leads up to a war! Perhaps it is in our nature to always be in battle. Is it in our DNA? Is it a part of our soul? Will humanity ever have peace?

I still have hope for humanity. One day I do believe that humanity will grow out of it’s infancy and peace will take over the world. I only hope that it will come because humanity has grown up instead of uniting to fight a common enemy. Would we still work together after that common threat is gone?

On a happier note, this week I got to shoot a few music videos and record another song. I plan to go back and make music videos of my best songs. If there is a song that you like and would like to see as a music video, let me know.

I Like You A Lot, Girl (8-1-06) Music Video

How Long Has it Been (7-31-06) Music Video

In Your Heart mp3

ROW Podcast 61 mp3

ROW After Hours 2 mp3

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