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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Week Later….

Where in the world is Herb at?
Another full week. I wanted to get away from Nac before school started. It will be a long semester and I am teaching a lot this year. Which is a good thing, however I know that I won’t get a break until the holidays near the end of the year.

So I went on a trek eight hours away down in the valley. A few miles away from the border. It is cool to be in place that I can walk the streets without anyone knowing me. And where no one asks me to fix their computers.

One reason that I like to go to the valley is that I know of a great restaurant down there. $6.25 for a big plate of tacos, rice, beans, salad and soup. The salsa is great too.

Now You see it.

And now you don't!

I shot a music video while I was down there. And like in Nac, I have a lot of folks look, stop and ask me questions what I was doing. It is cool to have some psalm trees in a music video.

The summer is about over. One more weekend, then a long and fun semester begins. I look forward to every school year. And I can’t wait to teach. Teaching is what I do and I love my gig so much.

I had a lot of fun this summer. Wrote a lot of plays, screenplays and of course songs. I got to rock out every week this summer. And I got to see the world at the beginning of the summer. London and Paris will never be the same after I rocked them out. Rock and Roll!

I hope that everyone had a great summer and I wish everyone a great Fall semester. Study and work hard and you can be like me. It is great wearing four pips on my collar.

Bubblegum Girlfriend music video

Return of Whatever (Podcast 64 8-24-06)64.mp3
13 megs mp3


Anonymous said...

i was reading the blog as i usually do and saw it was your birthday. i would say happy birthday but that doesnt do it. how about....ROCK ON!
i went to high school with herb and i can tell you for a fact that he said he would some day be on tv. well, he was and will probably be again. believe it or not i remember playing guitar with herb. well at the time i kinda played lol. most people dont know it but herb can rock "for whom the bell tolls" by metallica and even a slayer song.
remember that herb?
rock on!
james n

Herbert said...

Man we rock harder than Metallica and Slayer put together!!!!!!



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