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Sunday, July 30, 2006

This Week With Herbert

I'm a Punk Rocker!!!
Me rockin' at Rita's during Open Mike Night!
This has been another typical week of Herbert Midgley's life. I got to finish the first draft of the screenplay Genetic Zero. My friends that have read it so far have given me mostly positive comments. I can truly say this is the best work I have written to date. There are some typos that I'll fix in the next draft.

I got to help out a friend record some music videos so that he could put them on YouTube. We recorded, edited and post them on YouTube within two plus hours. Since I have about seventy music videos on YouTube, I have got this process down to a science.

Here are Chris Edwards' music videos. "Bobby Driscoll's Blues" and "Behind the Barn"

And as always, I recorded some music videos of me this week. Here is one of my songs I recorded at the same place as Chris's. You can see how great of an actor I am in this video! "There's a Girl That I Know".

Here you get a chance to see me play some of my punk rock music. I don't really have an angry enough voice to pull off the punk rocker sound like the Sex Pistols. I'm sound more like Elvis Costello punk or like New Wave. "How Long, How Short" and "There You Are". I ran out of tape on the last number so it is the short version. Once you hear it, you'll get the point.

This week I ran twelve miles. For some this doesn't sound like a lot. Last year I was running about three miles a week so this is a big deal to me. And I'm in the best shape of my life.

This week I recorded two podcast. The Return of Whatever which I help co-host and as a guest co-host for Jesus Geek

I'm not sure if most of you know that I play piano as well as guitar.
At one point in my life I used to practice piano four hours a day.
I don't have time to do that any more, I still have some piano chops and I love playing piano when I can.

This week I recorded a piano song that I wrote back in the early 1990's for a class that I never recorded. So I fixed some of the lyrics, I can write better lyrics now. I hope you like it. Next week I'll make a music video for it. Here is it,
If I.

I played at Rita's open mike night. This week I played some harder punk music and made some videos. I also recorded a song that I wrote for use in my screenplay. The other songs in the screenplay I already had written. There was a song that I needed to write about a specific situation that is a focal point, so here it is. This is a Story About Tera (Music Video)

This week I wrote some more poetry. I like writing short poems with some a quick moral to them. As time goes on, I bet my poetry will get better and better.

Then this weekend I got to go to some concerts. Both of them were fundraisers. The first band played covers and had a steel guitar. I haven't heard a steel guitar live for a long time.

The next band I saw later that night was my boys, Social Bliss. Social Bliss is the hardest working band in East Texas and they always leave the crowd wanting more. It's an honor to be great friends with Social Bliss and hang out and get bad service at the Waffle House after one of their gigs. That's Rock and Roll baby!

Then of course I taught summer school and fixed computers at work. I rode my bike around town a lot too. I watched Star Trek before I went running. Talk to friends about computers. And so on and so on...

Well that's what Herbert does in one of his typical weeks. Rock and Roll and always Keep it Real! And smile from time to time! Let me know what you do on one of your typical weeks.

Me composing at the piano.

My music videos this week.

"There's a Girl That I Know".

"This a Story About Tera"

"How Long, How Short"

"There You Are"

A song with me playing piano.
"If I" mp3 4 megs

This is how I look without a musical instrument.
That's the screenplay in my hand.

My screenplay.
Genetic Zero

My poetry this week. Herbert poems

Return of Whatever
Jesus Geek

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out in your blog post, you rock!
You did an excellent job of capturing me on film; thanks again, so much.
-chris e.



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