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Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Best Screenplay...so far.

I'm all wet after running
three miles in the rain,
however my screenplay
I have worked for the past ten days on this screenplay. At first I was going to write the complete "The Timetorians" script. However, my last play that I wrote kept calling me.

I spent nine months writing "The Genetic Zero". It is my best play that I have written so far. While I wrote it, I wanted to do some things that I knew would ever be produced in a play. So I left them out of the play. In the movie version, I could put all of my ideas in the screenplay. I am also glad that I was able to incorporate some of my songs into the screenplay. There was one song that I had write about a specific situation in the screenplay. I'll record it this weekend.

Since I knew the plot and most of the dialogue, it was easy to transfer to a screenplay. Plus I could have the main character be anywhere and place in the movie version. And add some cool Sci-Fi action too!

This is only a first draft, I'm sure there are some typos. I can only read a script so many times without it all blurring together. The screenplay is forty pages long in this version. I plan to go back and finish this screenplay and make it a full length movie. There was so much I had to leave out in this shorten version. In some ways I do like this version. It would be a great hour long Sci-Fi drama.

Well I hope that you like it. Please give me some feedback. If you liked it or not, tell me why. Thank you all!

The Genetic Zero (The Screenplay)

Songs used "The Genetic Zero" the screenplay PDF

The Genetic Zero (The Play) PDF

Friends here is another great music video of me and one of my pop/emo/nerd/rock songs. Enjoy!


There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)

All of my music videos on youtube.

Also the Return of Whatever podcast is up to episode 60. We have done 60 straight weeks of ROW. If you haven't heard this podcast, check it out. Educational Technology is fun!

I was invited to be on the Jesus Geek podcast again and this time as a co-host. I had a great time and hope to be on again.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 60 7-24-06)64.mp3 21 megs mp3

Jesus Geek - Episode 25: London Broil & Artificial Sun

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